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20 Dec 15


Geek Speak

10 Apr 14

So I did fake rolex watches
a very short talky thing with geek speak as part of Gold Coast Supanova, also on the podcast was Neil Kaplan, voice of Optimus Prime in 'Transformers: Robots in Disguise', Veronica Taylor voice of Ash Ketchum, and Eric Stuart rolex replica yachtmaster Breitling Replica emergency


tippity tap

8 Apr 14



Supanova rap up

7 Apr 14

Supanova was pretty rad for the last convention I will be doing in Australia for a while. Thanks to everyone that came by and checked out the fake omega watches table, be sure to check out my two new webcomics.

Perfectly Normal Human Being is a twice weekly webcomic that is part autobiography, part funny, all stupid.

100 tips for being AWESOME and general KICK-ASSERY was a comic I released two years ago and I am now releasing it online as webcomic twice weekly, it's a guidebook to make your life a little bit awesome.

be sure to follow me @lukehumphris and swiss replica watches


Supanova, new comics, and good times

2 Apr 14

Supanova at the gold coast this weekend, if you are going to be there be sure to stop by and say hello, this will be my last convention in Australia for quite some time, because I am moving to omega replica canada for a while! Also check out the one shots section as we have updated with a bunch of short stories that we have done, as well as 2 ongoing comics, 'Perfectly Normal Human Being', A comic about my day to day life and cheap led light bulbs little things that I find funny. The other comic is '100 tips for cheap fake watches uk being Awesome and general Kick-assery', which is a book i made some time ago and I am now releasing them all online. Cheers everybody

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